Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Resources


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Resources created a career guide for STEM fields that highlights several paths of study, specializations, and job positions within science, technology, engineering, and math.  Check it out!  Also, check out their “Women in STEM” programs as well!

Career Cornerstone Center:  Helps students find profiles and overviews of careers

Under “pre-college ideas” is information that helps students select classes they need in high school


STEM Career:  This website has a number of resources:

  1. 1. Under “STUDENTS”, there are tabs to help students find colleges, careers, and links of            SCHOLARSHIPS!

  2. 2. On the right, there are key links that give profiles of a number of STEM related jobs


STEM  Shows job breakdowns


Science Buddies: This site has various STEM careers highlighted with facts, information, necessary education, and actual teacher lesson plans.  Has videos of various STEM related careers and games that students can play


Candid Career: Has career videos (includes some non-STEM) 


O Net Online: Gives detailed information about all careers

Perform a career search for a detailed analysis of necessary schooling, pay scale, etc. (all academies)

Exploring Career Information: Information about jobs and salaries (all academies)



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