Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math


Students in the Academy of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will experience the connections among the three disciplines as they prepare for a career in this area. The emphasis will be on hands-on problem solving, analytical thinking, data analysis and research skills. 

Career goals include, but are not limited to, data base administrator, network specialist, software engineer, computer technician, surveyor, civil engineer, robotics specialist, genetic technologist, forensic scientist, physician, veterinarian, lab technician, mathematician, statistician, and researcher. Careers in this area span a broad spectrum from the applied to the theoretical.


Science Tutoring Available!!!
All Subjects
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Room 345
5th and 6th Lunch

Lead Teacher: Mr. John Haigh

Academy Office: Room 342

Office Phone: (301) 649-8510

Students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Academy gain real hands-on experiences in their problem solving.


51 University Boulevard East

Silver Spring, MD 20901-2451