Media, Music, & The Arts


Students in the Media, Music, and The Arts Academy develop the ability to read, analyze, evaluate, and produce communications in written text, moving images, still images, and sound. Students will learn to read critically, interpret analytically, communicate effectively, and produce messages for both meaning and persuasion. Any field involving art, music, film, radio, video, television, theater, literature, journalism, or photography requires an understanding of effective communication.

Because some careers favor a broad background and others demand specialization, the Media Literacy courses will cover diverse areas. A student may create a program of courses spanning several areas, all relevant to a particular career area, or he/she may choose to explore one specific area in depth.

Check out Blair’s Fine Arts Department and Blair’s English Department for a wide range of great opportunities and elective classes!

Lead Teacher: Mr. Michael Horne

Academy Office: Room 342

Office Phone: (301) 649-8510

Mr. Daniel Bloom and Mr. Jonah Lobe speak with students about their experiences in the fields of radio and video game design, respectively.

Students from the MMA Academy celebrate their Academy Awards.


51 University Boulevard East

Silver Spring, MD 20901-2451