Frequently ASked Questions - 9th Grade


Why is there a 9th Grade Academy?

9th grade can be a very challenging year for students.  A national study by the National High School Center found that ninth grade is the “make or break” year and that more students fail 9th grade than any other in high school.  Further, those who fail 9th grade are disproportionately likely to drop out of high school.  The 9th Grade Academy’s goal is to support students in this difficult year to ensure their future success in high school. (The study can be found here.)

How are teams determined?

The teams are divided by English and social studies teachers.  In most cases, the English teacher will determine the team.  Students should contact one of the team leaders if there are questions.

What about my other teachers like math, science, reading, art and PE?

Because all students are in different levels of math, science, etc., these teachers are unable to attend the regular team meetings. However, the team leader will maintain regular communication with these teachers and receive regular updates on students’ progress in all classes.

How does the 9th Grade Academy work?

Students are placed on a team consisting of English and History teachers. These teachers will meet two times a week to discuss student concerns and progress. In these meetings, the team will often meet with students to offer support.  The teachers will come up with an individual intervention plan for students who are not performing well academically. The team will also celebrate successes throughout the year. 


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