Frequently Asked Questions


For 9th Grade Academy Specific Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

What are the Academies at Montgomery Blair High School?

The Academies at Montgomery Blair High School are smaller learning communities consisting of students, teachers, counselors, and administrators united by common interests and career goals. The mission is to enhance the high school experience by providing unique electives and events that allow students to explore their career interests.

How do the Academies at Blair compare to the Academies at other Downcounty Consortium (DCC) schools?
Blair believes in the “wall-to-wall” academy concept. All students and staff will participate in one of the smaller learning communities:

•Ninth Grade Team

•ESOL Academy

•Entrepreneurship Academy

•Human Services Professions Academy

•International Studies and Law Academy

•Media, Music, and the Arts Academy

•Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Academy

•Communication Arts Program

•Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science Magnet Program

How are the Academies structured?

Each Academy has an Academy Lead Teacher. The overall Academy program is administered by the Academy Coordinator.  Students are organized into advisories by their Academy choice.

When do students choose an Academy?
At Blair, all incoming freshmen become a part of the 9th grade Academy, unless they are in ESOL, Magnet, or CAP.  During the registration process for 10th grade, parents and students are asked to choose the Academy that would best support the student’s goals and interests, fully recognizing that there are young people whose interests may change over the course of their high school career.

Can students change Academies?

Yes. During registration for the upcoming school year, in February, students have the opportunity to submit an Academy change form.  They will work with the Academy lead teacher and their counselor to ensure appropriate placement and choice of electives.

What is an Academy Certificate?

Students who fulfill the Academy requirements will receive an Academy Certificate included with their graduation diploma.  Students are not required earn an Academy Certificate in order to graduate.  In order for college admissions to understand what your student has accomplished in earning an Academy Certificate, a letter to explain the expectations and benefits of a student’s experience will be included in the college application packet prepared by the counselor.

What are the requirements to earn an Academy Certificate?

Students who have completed three Academy electives and a Capstone Project will earn an Academy Certificate.

The Capstone Project is an individual piece of work designed to give each student a chance to explore an area of interest connected to their academy and personal education and career goals.  It will normally be completed and presented during the senior year, but can also be presented during the junior or even sophomore year. 

Capstone Projects may take one of a variety of forms, but each one will have three similar components which include a reflective essay, a journal, and a presentation.  There will be an opportunity to showcase your Capstone Project, and your academy lead teacher will collect and review your materials.  Capstones are intended to be fun and to give you a chance to do some quality work on a topic that you want to pursue.


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