The Capstone Project: Candidates


This year’s Fall Capstone Showcase will be held on Monday, October 12th, in the Media Center.  Be sure to plan to join us and celebrate our Academy students’ major accomplishments!


The following students presented their Capstone experiences in the Media Center on Thursday, April 16, 2015.

Hawra Al-Jabiri (ISL): DC Judiciary

Kaiya Baker (STEM): Youth Forum on Medicine

Karla Barboza (HSP): Internship at Elementary School

Wastina Belayneh (STEM): Internship at Washington Adventist Hospital

Binyak Bhattarai (STEM): Nitrifying Bacteria Efficiency

Lillian Bizuru (ISL): Independent Research Project on Rawanda

Ariel Blakey (STEM): Wave Week Camp in Georgetown

Monica Blanchard-Dixon (HSP): Outdoor Education

Isabel Brecher (HSP): Wendt Center for Loss and Healing Internship

Shailee Bruck (HSP): Working at the Little Gym and volunteering as an Athletic Trainer at Blair

Ibrahim Bundu (ENT): School Store Internship

Fabienne Cajou (STEM): Washington Adventist Hospital Volunteer

Natasha Campbell (MMA): Art Internship at an Art Studio

Martin Campos (STEM): Building a House in Colombia for Farmers on a Plantation

Elsy Cordova (STEM): Rolling Terrace Elementary School Internship (Organizing STEM Night)

Karla Corvera (STEM): BLISS Tutor in ESOL classes

Dio Cramer (MMA): Silk Screen Shirt Business

Maria Cruz (HSP): Sports Camp

Anadoria Delcid (STEM): Animal Science

Karina Duenas (STEM): State Parks Conservation

Martha Eseme (ISL): SELP Debate with MCBRE

Camille Franks (HSP): Community Service in Ghana

Alani Fujii (ISL): Japan Trip

Karina Gaytan (HSP): Hedge Fund Internship

Idis Giron (HSP): Working with Pre-K students at Rolling Terrace Elementary School

Jennifer Guevara (STEM): Hospital Volunteer

Anatoly Gunning (STEM): Travel to France

Cristopher Gutierrez Olla (HSP): BLISS and Other Tutoring Job

Nabilia Hack (STEM): Eutrophication Research Project

Amyra Hasan (ISL): Internship Museum of African Art

Blossom Jiang (STEM): BLISS in Biology

Abdul Kamal (ENT): School Store Internship

Molly Kowalski (MMA): Art classes at MC

Patrick Lill (MMA): Music

Aaron Liu (ENT): Business Internship

De’Jia Long Hillie (ISL): World Affairs Council Youth Ambassador Leadership Workshop

Karen Lopez (ISL): Project on the Nicaraguan Government

Sokoufeh Marghi (HSP): Teaching Children Another Language

Alexandra Marquez (HSP): Interpreting Job at AdAstra Inc.

Noelle Mason (ISL): Middlebury Monterey Language Academy Arabic Language Immersion

Audrey Maynard (ISL): Research in Action Center Internship

Melissa Melendez (STEM): Medical Internship

Franchezka Mendoza (STEM): Church Youth Band

Mario Menendez (ENT): School Store Internship

Jessica Menjivar-Lopez (HSP): Washington Adventist Hospital Volunteer

Kebron Mihrete (MMA)

Linh Nguyen (ENT)

Vicky Nguyen (HSP): BLISS Tutor in Algebra 2

Paula Nhan (STEM): UMD's Jump Start Summer Program

Joelle Nwulu (ISL): SELP Debate with MCBRE

Robert Oakley (STEM): Running a Company

Elizabeth Pham (MMA): Silver Chips Art Editor

Sam Pinczuk (MMA): Photojournalism on Child Slavery

Phaja Prandy (MMA): Valentine's Day Cards for Seniors

Iman Redi (STEM): Washington Adventist Hospital Volunteer

Alejandra Rodas (HSP): Washington Adventist Hospital Volunteer

Ismael Sangare (STEM)

Alon Sidel (STEM)

Savitri Singh (STEM): ABC Club President

Joanne St. Hilaire (ENT): School Store Internship

Desman Sumang (STEM): Nitrogen Fixation

Bethel Tadele (HSP): Volunteer at Veterans Affair Medical Center

Tigist Tadesse (ISL): Internship

Swertha Thomas (STEM): Jump Start Program for Forensic Science

Noumkouba Toure (ISL): Vacation in Guinea and Morocco

Lehem Yohannes (HSP): George B. Thomas Saturday School

Djamila Zangre (ISL): Starting a Non-Profit Organization

Folane Zeleke (STEM): Volunteering at Children's Hospital

Bemnet Zewdie (ENT): School Store Internship


The Fall Capstone Showcase was held on Monday, October 13, 2014.

  1.         Jenny Bates (STEM) - “Great Smoky Mountains SCA Crew”

  2.         Yonathan Bedu (STEM) - “B.L.I.S.S. Tutoring Program”

  3.         Laura Cross (MMA) - “Internship with Arts on the Block”

  4.         Rachel Ederer (MMS) - “Off the Beaten Path, DCIFF High School Coordinator”

  5.         Tremil Cain (STEM) - “Project Oriri: Research in Programming Gaming Models”

  6.         Redietu Haile (STEM) - “B.L.I.S.S. Tutoring Program”

  7.         Danielle Hunter (ISL) - “Rustic Pathways Pura Vida Service Trip to Costa Rica”

  8.         Haki Johnson (ISL) - “Portugal Peace Camp, Children’s International Summer Village”

  9.         Kelsey Joyce (MMA) - “Photography Portfolio”

  10.         Helen Kebede (MMA) - “Music Video for an Original Song”

  11.         Aaron Liu (ENT) - “Business Internship”

  12.         Mohamud Lul (STEM) - “National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine”

  13.         Amy Nguyen (MMA) - “Cosmetology”

  14.         Meriam Mossad (MMA) - “Protesting in Egypt”

  15.         Eunice Muchemi (ISL) - “Mock Trial”

  16.         Paula Nhan (STEM) - “Summer Program”

  17.         Robert Oakley (STEM) - “Running a Company”

  18.         Brian Orellana (ISL) - “Mock Trial Team”

  19.         Sam Pinczuk (MMA) - “Photojournalism”

  20.         Ricardo Sanchez Jr. (STEM) - “Automotive Mechanics at Thomas Edison High School”

  21.         Joane St. Hillaire (ENT) - “School Store”

  22.         Gabriela Sarri-Tobar (ISL) - “Learn Serve International”

  23.         Tigist Tadesse (ISL) - “Internship”

  24.         Nancy Truong (ISL) - “JSA Program at Georgetown University: International Relations”

  25.         Michelle Tu (STEM) - “Internship”

  26.         Greer Turner (ISL) - “Mock Trial”

  27.         Phuong Vo (STEM) - “Internship at Natural History Museum”

  28.         Naomi Weintraub (MMA) - “Finding My Voice - Empowerment Through The Spoken Word”

  29.         Zeke Wapner (ISL) - “Internship”


Capstone Candidate Focus (Spring ’14)

Benjamin Houk: His capstone experience was centered around work as a clinic aid in Nicaragua where he admitted patients, rationed supplies and wrote correspondences to contributors.  Ben completed the experience along with other humanitarian work during his stay in Vera Cruz, Nicaragua this past summer. 

*            *            *            *            *

2014 Capstone Candidates and Graduates

  1.         Candida Amaya Hernandez* (STEM) – “Teaching at a Catholic Community Center”

  2.         Sabareeshini Asari* (STEM) -  “Healthy Living”

  3.         Stela Bandicto* (ISL) – “Internship with Amman Imman: Water is Life”

  4.         Yonathan Bedu* (STEM) – “Math is BLISS”

  5.         Bianca Benitez* (STEM) – A Walk on the Wild Side

  6.         Mattan Berner-Kadish* (ISL) – “Internship with J Street”

•        Damar Richard Bess, Jr.* (ENT) – “Dipp’d Clothing Company”

•        Kemari Bigbie* (MMA) – “Embarking on a Journey as a Guitar Performer”

  1.        Saron Bizuayehu* (ENT) – “Fashion Design Program at UMD,” “Midsummer Night’s

         Dream Participation,” and “Internship with the School of Business at UMD”

•        Aviva Blonder* (ISL) – “Blair Mock Trial”

•        Sam Bolgiano* (STEM) – “Solar Distillation of Biofuel”

•        Sougr-Nooma Bonkoungou* (STEM) – “Politics in Africa”

•        Sabrina Bradford* (ISL) – “Civil War and Social Issues in Guatemala”

•        Andrea Bravo* (STEM) – “STEM Camp at Salisbury University”

•        Indigo Byrd (MMA) – “Humans of Blair”

•        Brandon Collins* (ISL) – “Blair Mock Trial Team”

•        Dana Cook* (HSP) – “Solar Distillation of Ethanol for Biofuels”

•        Sam Dembling* (MMA) – “An In-Depth Analysis of the Acting Process”

•        Alexander Devereux* (MMA) – “Published Book of Classical Music”

•        Jesse Dinkin* (STEM) – “Computer Game Composition”

•        Rachel Ederer (MMA) – “Off the Beaten Path, DCIFF High School Coordinator”

  1.        Noah Elkind* (STEM) - "In vitro drug-sensitivity testing of LCC1, LCC9 and MCF7

         breast cancer cell lines"

•        Eunice Forcha* (ISL) – “LGB Rights”

•        Cynthia Forchick* (HSP) – “Travelling to Africa”

•        Gwladys Fotso* (STEM) -  “Science Camp”

•        Katie Gage* (HSP) – “Student Teacher at Rockview Elementary School”

•        Yomiyou Geleta* (STEM) – “How Does Ginger Affect Biofilm Formation?”

  1.        Jinadaree Gonaduwage* (STEM) – “Teaching Science to Campers”

  2.        Daysi Gonzalez* (HSP) – “Internship at Montgomery Knolls Elementary School”

•        Elias Gonzalez* (STEM) – “Internship Fixing Computers”

•        Redietu A. Haile (STEM) – “BLISS Tutor in Physics and Chemistry”

•        Senaie Haile* (ENT) – “Working in the School Store”

•        Rebecca Hamilton-Levi* (MMA) – “Learning Graphic Design at Yearbook Camp”

•        Benjamin Houk* (STEM) – “Supplies for Nicaragua”

•        Danielle Hunter (ISL) – “¡Pura Vida! Service Trip to Costa Rica”

•        Cerina Johnson* (MMA) – “Job with Arts on the Block”

•        Haki Johnson (ISL) – “Portugal Peace Camp”

•        Liam Johnstone* (ISL) – “Washington Revels 2013 Christmas Production”

•        Helen Kebede (MMA) – “Music Video for ‘Want You So Bad’”

•        Michael Kebede* (STEM) – “Investigation of Beusite-Triphylite Intergrowths”

•        Natnael Kebekabe* (STEM) – “Social Media in the Detection of Epidemic Diseases”

•        Cailyn Keely* (ENT) – “Intern National Park Service”

•        Hanan Kemal* (STEM) -

•        Arnelle Kodjo* (STEM) – “Current Concepts in Sports Medicine at Emory University”

•        Charlotte Lessin* (MMA) – “The Exploration of My Musical Talent”

•        Mike Lievano* (ISL) – “Takoma Park Police Department Internship”

•        Isabella Louis* (ISL) – “Montgomery County Circuit Court Internship”

•        Jonell Malone* (ENT) – Intern School Store”

•        Sabrina Mendoza* (ENT) – “Internship School Store”

•        Emmanuel Minja* (ENT) – “Accounting Internship”

  1.        Mohammed Mohammed* (ENT) – “Service Work at Holy Cross Hospital and Red

         Cross Club”

•        Lul Mohamud (STEM) – “National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine”

•        Meriam Mossad (MMA) – “Protesting In Egypt”

•        Kidusan Negash* (STEM) - “Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology”

•        Diemphuc Nguyen* (ENT) – “Holy Cross Gift Shop Volunteer”

•        Therese Nkeng* (ENT) – “Being a Host and HMSHOST: Intern Style”

  1.        Omar Perez* (ENT) - “Internship at Jordan Tempchin & Associates Accounting Firm”

  2.        Ivan Reimers* (STEM) – Research into the use of Carbon Nanotubes in Sensors

•        Nigisti Retta Adane* (ENT) – “Fashion Industry Internship in New York”

•        Emma Roberts-Vaurio* (MMA) – “Internship School Store”

•        Dina Samuel* (HSP) – “BLISS Tutor in Math”

  1.        Ricardo Sanchez, Jr. (STEM) – “Automotive Mechanics at Thomas Edison High School

         of Technology”

•        Lea Sanon* (HSP) – “Internship at the Public Defender’s Office”

•        Gabriela Sarri-Tobar (ISL) – “Learn Serve International”

•        Carson Schweickhardt* (ENT) – “Intern, Nasuki and Hinke Ad Agency”

•        Emma Strongin* (ISL) – “Travel to El Salvador with International Partners”

•        Andre Taylor* (MMA) – “Umbria Jazz Fest in Perugia, Italy”

•        Sofia Tesfu* (ENT) – “Intern at Silver Spring Civic Center”

  1.        Tremil Cain (STEM) – Project Oriri: Research in programming gaming models

  2.        Nancy Le Truong (ISL) – “JSA Program at Georgetown University: International Relations”

•        Chala Tshitundu* (MMA) – “Children’s Book Project”

•        Greer Turner (ISL) – “Lawyer on the Blair Mock Trial Team”

•        Daniela Velasquez* (STEM) – “Holy Cross Medical Explorers Program”

•        Briana Villa* (HSP) – “Internship at Forest Knolls Elementary School”

•        Naomi Weintraub (MMA) – “Finding My Voice – Empowerment Through the Spoken Word”

  1.        Clara Weisman* (ENT) – “Art Classes at Montgomery College” and “Internship at


•        Aniya Wood* (HSP) – “Shadowing Experience at Forest Knolls Elementary School”

  1.        Michelle Zaman* (ENT) – “Non-Profit Business” and “Children’s National Medical

         Center Volunteer”



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