ABOUT The Academies at Montgomery Blair


With over 2,800 students and 200 teachers, Montgomery Blair High School is the largest school in Montgomery County, Maryland.  By virtue of our size we are able to offer a variety of classes and experiences that can make any student’s high school experience rich and rewarding.  Our five career-themed academies offer all students a chance to explore their interests and build a solid foundation of academics and experiential learning in areas where they envision future work and  study.  

Each academy is guided by a lead teacher and offers a menu of classes from which students can sample.  We do our best to offer field trips, host guest speakers, and connect students to job, internship, and service and travel opportunities associated with each academy.  The goal is to help students realize that high school can, and should be, demanding, fun, interesting, and relevant to their future plans.  We know that only a few students have a clear idea of where they want to go in life, many have a notion of the general direction they want to pursue and some have yet to seriously consider this thought.  By asking students to think about their talents and interests, and take a few steps in that direction, we hope to make their four years at Blair challenging, rewarding, and integral to their lives.

As you explore the individual academy links you can see some of the classes we offer, learn about the Capstone Project, and get a sense of the events, partnerships, and alumni experiences that have begun to shape our academy programs.  We welcome and need your input as well.  Many Blair parents and community members have served as resources themselves, or directed us to individuals and organizations that provide the speakers and opportunities vital to the growth and success of our academies.  Feel free to contact us with any questions or advice: Ms. Amanda Wall, the new Academy Coordinator, or any of the lead teachers. 



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