9th Grade


Mission Statement

The mission of the 9th grade Academy is to create small communities within Blair.  The transition to high school can be challenging.  The 9th Grade Academy is dedicated to easing that transition by providing support, modeling effective habits, and teaching skills to freshmen throughout their first year so that they will be more successful throughout high school.

Rationale and Benefits

  1. To ease the transition from middle school to high school  

  2. To create a structure to better connect students to staff, supports, and resources available at Blair

  3. To increase academic rigor

  4. To enhance school climate      

  5. To increase academic achievement

  6. To build strong student-teacher relationships

  7. To promote opportunities for personal growth

  8. To integrate academic and technical skills

  9. To develop awareness of college/career options


  1. Students are placed in teams of 80-120 students.

  2. Teams consist of an English and history teacher, along with counselors, administration, and other staff. 

  3. Core classes are held in 9th grade wing on 2nd floor.

  4. Teams monitor students’ academics, attendance, and work study skills.

  5. Teams meet twice a week to support student needs.

  6. Communication between home and school is a priority.

Team Leaders

•Amy Ahrens (Classroom 275/Office 146)

•Adam Clay (Classroom 270/Office 141)

•Erin Conley (Classroom 244/Office 223)

•Michelle Edwards (Classroom 252/Office 141)

•David Goldberg (Classroom 250/Office 141)

Academy Alignment

The 9th Grade Academy also helps students choose an academy for the rest of their high school career.  Throughout freshman year, teachers will provide students with information to help them choose among the five career academies offered at Blair (Entrepreneurship, Human Services Professions, International Studies and Law, Media, Music, and The Arts, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Information about the academies will be shared in advisory classes, which occur every few weeks.


51 University Boulevard East

Silver Spring, MD 20901-2451